About The DVD Box Set

The company that manufactured this incredible DVD set, Ventura Distribution, went out of business. Since we worked on the DVDs, we were able to get the remaining inventory and are liquidating it through this website. These are guaranteed brand new, factory shrinkwrapped, perfect condition DVDs. This is the end of the line for the 35th Anniversary Ultimate Collection.


The box set includes all four Billy Jack films (click any poster for more info):


born losers poster original billy jack poster trial of billy jack poster billy jack goes to washington poster


There's also a 5th Bonus disc in this set, which includes a mini-documentary, trivia quiz, never-before-seen fight footage and photos, TV ads, and much more.


Also Sold on eBay

We also sell these same units on eBay (for a bit more to cover the extra costs), and have 100% customer satisfaction. Check out or feedback here.